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Sell your house and move on with your life!

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   This is the inside information from HGTV’s, Deigned to Sell star Terry Haas and real estate staging expert Julie Chalupsky.  Terry has shown millions of viewers how staging a home and making low cost improvements can help sell a property fast & for top dollar. Together they have created a system which will make your house irresistible!  This eBook will take you step-by-step through the process of preparing your house for sale so every buyer will want to buy your house.  


How can you buy the home of your dreams

if you can’t

sell the house you already own?


A buyer knows within seconds whether he or she likes your house. If you don’t make a great impression on buyers in that first minute, it doesn’t matter what you show them later. They won’t buy.

Remember, people buy based on emotion, and then they justify their decision with facts. Your job as the seller is to make them fall in love with the home (just as you did when you bought it) and then give them plenty of logical reasons why they need your house . . .

. . . Like the garage is just the right size for all their toys, plus the workbench and toolbox. Or they’ve finally found the house with the backyard big enough for the kids and dogs.

Most houses don’t make prospective buyers fall in love with them—or worse, they push buyers away.

Do you want to know what buyers are really thinking?

Most real estate agents won’t tell you the brutal, honest truth for fear of offending you and losing the listing. Most friends and neighbors won’t tell you the truth for fear of hurting your feelings. Would you do what it takes to sell your house if you knew the truth? 

We’re not afraid, and we’ll tell it to you straight. We’re here to help you make your house irresistible so you can SELL YOUR HOUSE NOW! Follow our advice, your home will show better than any other home on your block. We guarantee it.

We won’t tell you to spend thousands of dollars or to remodel your bathrooms, instead we will give you some little-known secrets and tips to get your home ready for sale and show off its greatest potential.

In fact, we will save you money!

You’re probably asking yourself how that’s possible. If you’re not spending a lot of money, how are you going to show off your home properly?

You will need to spend some time and effort, along with a little money, to get your house ready to sell. But you will be surprised at how inexpensive these secrets will be, compared with remodeling or traditional furniture staging, and how much you stand to gain.

According to Homegain.com, sellers who spent $500 on staging recovered triple their investment when they sold their home.

 Are you ready to be irresistible?

The irresistible house system will take you step by step through each section of your house using the Make   Every Buyer Want Your House EBook, with highlights, secrets, and cheap tricks to make your house the one every buyer wants! 



You might be thinking: Why bother,
Why not just reduce the price?

The cold, hard truth is that homes that are prepared for sale properly sell faster and for more money. 


Because when Betty and Bob Buyer come to see your home, they are looking for two things:

1.  What they love about your home.

2.  What they don’t love and could use as a negotiating tactic.

You read that right. They’re looking for any reason they can find to reduce your price!  To take money out of your pocket and put into theirs. 

There are only two reasons why a property doesn’t sell:

it’s priced wrong, or it’s ugly

A beautiful home priced correctly—with a value that can be justified—will sell, even in a bad market.

David N. - Daniel Island, SC "As a home seller I bought the Irresistible House System because I needed help!  The book provides valuable tips to SAVE you money when selling your home by providing the information you need but often don't want to hear.
Buy this book, use the tools, implement the system and you will sell you house, I sold mine!”

David N. - Daniel Island, SC


So if your home shows like a model home . . .
and the buyers can’t find anything to use against you . . .


We’re going to give it to you straight from a buyer’s perspective.No one else will, and you need to know what buyers are thinking. You need this system to sell your home.

Betty and Bob Buyer are picky—and with so many homes on the market, they can be. They’re told to be picky by the media and real estate agents. The little details will either light them up or turn them off.

Believe it or not, they will rationalize the big details—but the little ones, even if they’re easily fixed (like a bright green hallway), will eat away at them. And those little details will lose you the sale.

We will tell you exactly what they are thinking but don’t want to say. The focus is not on staging with fancy rented furniture or redecorating your house so it looks like everyone else’s. This is how to take the unique, beautiful home you are selling and make it appeal to the most buyers so you sell it.

Pretend we are walking with you through your home, telling you what needs to be addressed. With this system, we're going to go inside, outside, upstairs, downstairs. We’re going to open doors, open closets, and peek in places you might not want us to. 


Because Betty Buyer will. 

She will look in your cabinets to see if there is enough space for her dishes, and she will open your closet to see if her clothes will fit. She will even open your medicine cabinet to see what’s in it (so make sure it’s empty). Ask your realtor. He or she can tell you horror stories of how far buyers will go in checking out a home.

The goal of home preparation is to improve the home's appearance in the eyes of potential buyers, with the ultimate goal of selling the home quickly and for the highest possible price. The key to selling your house quickly is appealing to the largest audience.

The first step in selling your house starts with your mindset. After you put your home on the market, it’s no longer really “yours.” It’s a house, a product to sell, and you need to detach yourself from your home so you will be less emotional and more objective.

Think of the last time you sold a car. You cleaned it, took care of details like chipped paint, and made sure the interior was spotless. You’re going to do the same thing with your house, with our help.

Betty and Bob Buyer want to walk in and picture themselves living in this house. They don’t want to see clutter, wear and tear, and things they need to update.

Here are a few statistics about what buyers want and how that benefits sellers:


You need to get the facts and get started selling your home
before your neighbor does!


Make Every Buyer Want Your House gives you everything you need to know,
and you can start in FIVE minutes!

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s included with the Make Every Buyer Want Your House Ebook

Chapter One tells you how to boost your home’s curb appeal. The first thing buyers will see is the outside of your home—the front lawn, the driveway, and the walkway. You’ll want to pay close attention to this section and read about...

Remember, 82­–85% of buyers are shopping on the Internet before they contact sellers or an agent. The first picture they see online is usually the front of your home. This first look has to be impressive to get them through the front door.

Curb Appeal Before and After - Home Staging

Curb Appeal Before & After:

Note the overgrown lawn, dead plants, and dirty walkway in the photo on the left. See the transformation in the picture on the right with the freshly cut grass, freshly planted flowers to give color, newly framed door, freshly painted door, mailbox, and light fixture.

Simple changes make a big difference!

Chapter Two discusses the living areas of your home and how to make buyers see themselves living and playing there.

Chapter Three tells you how to revamp one room that can make or break your sale: THE KITCHEN.

Kitchen Before & After - Home Staging

Kitchen Before & After:

Note the outdated appliances, old inexpensive countertops and floors, poor use of space, and evidence of dirt and pets on the left . . . and the updated appliances, better use of space, removal of pet gear, and modern design (backsplash, color) on the right.

Chapter Four enters the bedrooms and bathrooms to give you some extra-special tips, such as...

Guest Bathroom Before & After - Home Staging

Guest Bathroom Before & After:

Note the dated look and dirty appearance on the left and the clean, fresh design on the right.

Master Bedroom Before & After - Home Staging

Master Bedroom Before & After:

Note the cluttered, disorganized, and dark and dirty feel on the left and the modern design, better use of space, clean feeling, and lack of clutter on the right.

Master Bathroom Before & After - Home Staging
Master Bathroom Before & After:

Note the cluttered, dark appearance on the left and the bright, open feel and lack of clutter on the right.

Chapter Five ventures into the garage and laundry room, often the forgotten areas of the house.

Chapter Six takes you into the backyard to help you create the play area Betty and Bob want.

Chapter Seven guides you in decorating your house to show it off during the holidays.

You already have everything you need—you just need to know what to do with it, and that’s why we wrote the Make Every Buyer Want Your House EBook. You need a simple, quick, easy blueprint to get your home ready for the market. The text is only 36 pages, so it’s a quick read, and as you’ll see later, we’ve got some extra-special goodies to make it even easier to sell your home for the price you want!

Sim S - Home Staging Testimonial

“My realtor gave me this book as a gift, and I am so grateful. It made me realize that we both have to work together to get my house sold in this market. Thank you for your honest approach.”

Sim S. - Los Angeles, CA

Why you as a seller need this Ebook . . .

     1.  You’ll eliminate the obvious reasons a buyer would want to discount the price of the home.

2. Your home will look better than your neighbors' homes and will sell faster, at a higher price.

3. You’ll get the highest price possible, and your home will prove the value of your asking price—buyers will appreciate its condition.

4. Organizing your home now means your move will be more organized also.

5. You’ll increase the number of potential buyers because your home appeals to more people. Agents will show your home more often. This equals more traffic and more chances to sell!

6. Preparing your home for sale always costs less than reducing the price!

7. The Make Every Buyer Want Your House eBook reveals secrets that other sellers don't know, giving you a clear advantage.

8.  Your home will be irresistible and everyone will want to buy it!



We have the answer you’ve been looking for . . .

The real estate game can be a challenge. We want you to have all of the tools and resources available to make you the maximum profit by getting the best bang for your buck.

The Irresistible House system gives a detailed explanation of what buyers are thinking and why changes need to be made. It includes top-10 lists and easy-to-read tips, so you can read through it quickly and easily.

You will see this is a system that works!


Click below to watch a Q&A video with Terry & Julie

Remember: if you don’t care, your buyers NEVER will.


 We’ve included FREE bonus materials when you BUY NOW!


First, you’ll receive a bonus chapter (valued at $20)

with tips for showings and open houses----


Here are just a few of the tricks you’ll learn to make your open house go off without a hitch:


Next, if you want to get started right away, you’ll get a

15-page notebook (valued at $30) with 107 easy tips and tricks

to make your house sparkle and grab buyers----


A few choice tidbits:

. . . Plus 100 more tips!


Finally, for quick reference to keep you on track and organized,

we’ll send you a checklist (valued at $20) . . .

27 pages taking you room by room

in logical order with plenty of space for notes----



You’ll get those little details right, like a pleasant sounding doorbell, a welcome mat, and remembering to remove the pet door. You’ll also have the big details covered . . . like providing the inspection report, cleaning the windows, and improving the landscaping.

Everything is laid out neatly in front of you, so you know exactly what to do and when to do it. We’ve taken the guesswork out of staging your home.

That’s a total of $70 in bonuses---FREE

Bruce and Jill - Home Staging Clients

"We love this book! Thank you for your humor—you take a sensitive subject and make it fun and motivating. The checklist and notebook were the perfect tools we needed to get our house in shape and ready to sell.”

Bruce and Jill H. - Yuma, AZ


Let’s take a look at what you’ll get today ...

1) The Ebook packed with explanations, tips, and tricks to get Betty and Bob Buyer to fall in love with your house and pay you what you want.

2) The Bonus chapter telling you exactly how to create an open house that will bring in the serious buyers.

3) The Checklist to keep you organized and on track.

4) The Notebook with 107 quick and easy fixes to boost your home's appeal.


What would you expect to pay for the ultimate sell-your-home package?

The bonuses alone are worth $70, and the ebook is priceless if it helps you get your asking price, fast.

Numerous real estate professionals told us we should charge upwards of $200 for this package.

We wanted to make it affordable for everyone, so we didn’t want to charge that.


We thought about $100 . . . and it would have been a steal at that price.

But still, not affordable for everyone.


For a limited time, you can purchase the

Make Every Buyer Want Your House System

for only



The sooner you buy, the sooner your house will be ready to sell. Buy it today, and get started! We can’t be right there to walk you through your house, but we wanted to give you the next best thing.

This price will be going up $59.95. We wanted to give everybody a great deal on a resource that we know will help you sell your house. So take advantage of this great offer today!

We are offering a 100% Money Back Guarantee!  If for any reason you are not happy let us know, we will refund the money and you can keep the book! 


**Please read before ordering**

Make Every Buyer Want Your House is an electronic book, or ebook. After you put in your payment information, you can instantly download the ebook to your computer. We show you how, so be sure to follow the prompts on your screen. We’ll also send you an email with the download information.

You will not receive a hardback or paperback copy. Not only is this a "green" business practice, but it also saves you money since we don’t have to print the book. It gives you instant access to the information, no matter when you order, without waiting for it to be delivered or having to drive to the bookstore!



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